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Four. [Text and Spam]

[Private to Cato]

cato please tell me you made it out

[Open Infirmary Spam]
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[Once he sees Dylan awake and stirring, he goes over to his side.]

You're an idiot, Dylan.

[And he folds his arms and lays his head on them on the side of Dylan's bed, up against his side as far as the bed would allow. His hand is bandaged, he's roughed up, and most of the major injuries have been repaired. He made it back, still in one piece.]
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No you couldn't have. This time you couldn't have. Both of us survived the heart of the Magog World Ship [in two different timelines] and there was still nothing we could have done for anyone.

[His guilt is there too. It's not so much consolation, as resentment that he was in a no win situation again.]

I couldn't save you either. [He rests his good hand on Dylan's chest, over his heart (it's still working, isn't it?).]
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That's why I called you an idiot.

[He turns his head so he can look at him.] What can I do for you?
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[Rhade remembers something. A death toll for him, long ago. A friend beside his bed with a deck of cards, and even with this friend here his heart hurts a little for the absence. But he's never been good with loss.]

Give me a few minutes.

[He leaves, and later returns with water, painkillers, and a deck of cards. He sits where he was previously leaning, taking up a bit of Dylan's bed as he starts to shuffle.]

We're going to play poker, but not for money. For intangible things. Like favors or questions. [He starts to shuffle. He's better at it than the last time he did in front of Dylan, when he refused to gamble without some knowledge of the odds.]
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No, you're hurt. You're just going to have to trust me. [To occasionally cheat in Dylan's favor. He continues to shuffle before dealing.]

I bet a publicly stated ridiculous lie. [He says as he looks at his hand.]
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[He smugly switches out a card, glad to have gotten his way. And a little bit disconcerted at his own internal reaction to those words. Though he knows he just appreciate them as they come.]

I see your one embarrassment as a story from after Harper had his larvae removed and before you came aboard in your case, and raise you a private truth.
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Then I call. [He shows him his two pair.]
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[He chuckles as he takes the cards back to shuffle.] Do you want one now?
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The ridiculous lie will have to wait for an appropriate time. So either the embarrassing story or the truth. [He starts to deal his next hand, but won't look at his cards until Dylan has chosen.]
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[He's thinking about it. Not much has embarrassed him in quite a while. Most of it he's managed to stoically shrug off- a thing that he and Braxiatel have in common. Though-]

There was another port, one where no one actually got hurt. There was a beautiful woman in a tower, and foolishly I started attempting to woo her. For three days I was fighting duels and bringing her gifts to keep in her already lavishly decorated home.

As it turns out, Braxiatel had fallen off the Barge. For three days I was trying to earn a kiss from Braxiatel and was none the wiser until I heard him elegantly singing Yeats to a bird.
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[It is embarrassing, Dylan! Shush.] Not only was I caught courting but he remembered it in explicit detail. I was permitted to keep my armor though.

[He wants to say father, but the girl's name is Anisette Braxiatel of the Majorum Pride. He approached Brax for the child. Their roles, much to his chagrin, are obvious even if a bit interchangeable.]
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The whole ridiculous port was about magical romance and singing animals and nonsense. You would have loved that one. [But he had liked it himself, up until the point he realized that Braxiatel would remember every moment of his swooning.] He has a good sense of humor and found it amusing.

[He looks at his hand. That's a tough bet.]

I'll match, and exchange two.

[A confession of a fear is a big one. But Dylan is death tolling and he needs to show some trust himself.]
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I'll call then. Four threes.

[He shows his cards to Dylan.]
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You don't have any now? [Or maybe he just means he would rather wait until he's in a better mindset.]
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Then you'll have to bet for it again. [He hands Dylan the deck, mostly to let himself distract himself from his discomfort with the shuffling.] But I've never known the infirmary to be all that cheerful, so go ahead.
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I'm a cynical man, Dylan. I doubt everything, I trust no one, and I can say in complete confidence that I think you were the one more capable of unifying people.

[As Dylan shuffles he puts his hand over where knows the scar on his stomach to be. The hand that Tyr marked.] You're not doing it alone, either.

[But him being scared of losing him to the past, though.] It's difficult, sometimes. I know where you are, but I can't be with you. Perhaps, though.... when I know you've succeeded, I'll have reason to come find you. [And for a moment an urge kicks in and he almost tips towards Dylan. He does slightly, just a shift of weight towards him.

And then he decides the idea is juvenile and just waits to have his hand dealt to him. One too many misfires with his affection have finally caught up to him.]
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I'm sure you deserve it. [He teases, but he's also sure that was never said to him. He leans back as if he'd never been tilted forward and shifts his hand from the wound made so long ago to pat Dylan's hip.]

See? Even with a broken hand I'm dealing faster than you. I would claim superiority but I'll settle for pointing out I was correct in how horrible this ship could be.
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If I were having sex with you and not playing cards with you my scolding would go differently. [He says impishly, because he'd always find a reason to scold him. Also a little thoughtlessly. And then he decided to leave it. Dylan needed the occasional statement to throw him.]

The ship is worse than a Nietzschean in not doing things by halves.
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[Do not face Rhade off in a game of sex reference chicken because either you'll be wrecked or have to veer. He sees Dylan is veering now, but he can't help a slightly cocky look.]

It's a good health insurance policy. But it's also painful to go through. And still embarrassing for me. Thank you for sparing me from it, even though if I have my way, I'd prefer never to have to see that again. [There's an earnestness to his tone, that he'll stop it however he needs to.]
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[He smiles at that look, his confidence returning briefly. At least until he thinks about having seen that.

And then it hurts all over again. Him putting Dylan's body in his room, realizing that he would never talk to him again, play a game with him again, even argue the finer points of idealism versus unrealistic expectations.

But then he clamps up and can't tell him that it hurt, and that it hurts to think about. He brought his own actions on himself, and it seems almost ludicrous considering they're sitting here, in the infirmary, playing cards as if they haven't died time and time again.]

I know. [It seems like the best he can offer. But he's pretty sure he won't let there be a next time.]
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[He got your message Dylan. And because basic tracking and hunting 101 is a required component of peacekeeper training and game training he is standing in the infirmary, straight-formal-and then stepping over to his cot.

A foot or so away he hesitates, trying to decide if he should move forward or not. When his mother had his sister-he did not approach her to offer her comfort. Neither did his uncle or his family.

People did not do that in district two. So he hovers.]

...Why did you do that.

[Save him. Save people. His tone is filled with resentment.]
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NUU. DUN WANNA [/pout]

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[All of the decided unease.]

...But you're hurt.
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..What's the High Guard?

[Is it like peacekeepers. Cato stands, hands behind him expression clearly conflicted]