19 June 2013 @ 08:29 pm

Now that Captain Blonsky has graduated, I’m off to cash in my deal and fight Magog. Everyone who helped along the way, thank you.

[Private to Arthas]

I believe you’re a good man inside, even if you don’t believe it. I’ve known a lot of good men who’ve made terrible mistakes for what they thought were the right reasons. A lot of them were able to be good men again, and I think you can be, too.

[Private to Lua]

I’m sorry I had to go and turn out to be another guy who thinks with his fists. You’re gorgeous and strong...stronger than people think, maybe even stronger than you think. And I hope you find someone who can let you be strong on your own terms but not require you to be strong because of his own inability to be gentle.

[Private to Iris]

You offered to help me save a universe. Whenever you’re feeling up for it, here are the coordinates where you can find me.

[And he sends her a description of the universe, the year and the day he’ll be returning to, and a description of the Andromeda. With her time ship, he figures that’ll be enough to find him.]