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Five. Man's Best Friend Has Fangs.

[Filtered Away from Cato]

This is Dylan Hunt, and I've got a favor to ask.

We've got a lot of animals on board, which is great. They provide companionship, support, joy...things that people here really need sometimes. I've always liked dogs myself. But I know that there are also people on board who've had bad experiences with animals, or are just plain nervous about them. So I'd like to ask that those of you with pets to keep a close eye on them. Keep them on leash or in sight when they're out of your cabin, so you can get control of them quickly if they run into someone who might be terrified of their presence, no matter how good-natured the animal is.

And those of you who transform into animals [...not a phrase he gets to say often...], please just keep in mind that someone who doesn't know who you are might be very scared, and approach humanoids with caution if you approach at all when you're in your animal form.

Thank you.

Hunt out.
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If someone on board is afraid of animals, I would suggest they keep out of the CES.
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Yes, well, I have a rather large snake that must be allowed to hunt from time to time as well.
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About 9 meters, 240 kilograms.

[ You don't really have to worry about stepping on it accidentally. ]

He's perfectly harmless, if you don't provoke him.
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I think that would be in everyone's best interest. Especially if you're afraid of snakes. [ This here is a nightmare snake. ]
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You know, it might be easier to just get rid of Cato's phobia. Most of us are already careful with our dogs, but if there's no fear, there's no problem.

Hell, I was going to propose something to him myself, but I don't think he's used to people being friendly.
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I have Fozzie lie down when he passes us in the hall. To be honest I have worked with Fozz every day for over a year now. He's well trained, which is good because he snaps leashes.

I am working on training him to obey certain other people, in case I am badly changed in a Flood. Exposure therapy is a great idea and I'm sure Fozzie would be well behaved during it. But if Cato could actually take command of one of these guys....

Yeah, so. You maybe want to meet me in the CES sometime and see him in action?
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Um....ok! After dinner maybe?

[Fozzie pops his head up in the background.]

This time of year there's still light.
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OK. I'll bring his fuzziness and some toys.

[When the time comes she's leaning patiently against the wall where the cookie shower came from, running a brush through Fozzie's fur and tossing the resulting floof into a nearby trashcan. He barks and wags when Dylan comes up but doesn't move from his spot.]
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[Fozzie leeeeeans, tongue lolling.]

This particular breed was raised to guard sheep herds from bears and wolves. So yeah, he can be badass if he has to be. But most of the time he just wants to chase his ball and get petted, like any other dog.
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[Wanda chuckles.] Fozzie, lay off a little.

[Fozzie lets out a querulous whine--but then the door is open and he hops up, tail beating both of them. CES! GRASS! RUNNING! He looks between them and his whine becomes pleading.]

Easy Fozzie. Stay on the clock.

[He woofs in response and goes back to her heel, walking in with her.]

He's a good boy, but he's barely a year so he has a bit of puppy brain.
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[.......... Color Cashmere shocked, though she won't outright admit it. So she just offers him a very kind smile.]

That's very good of you.
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[She bites her tongue, tempted to say "yes I know".... And even more tempted to ask "why". Instead, she just studies him a fraction of a moment longer, then nods.]

It's a step in the right direction, I'm sure.
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[It's so cute that he's mistaking her interest for "caring" for her ally. She frowns and shakes her head.]

I'm afraid I don't know much... I've had very limited interaction with him.
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I think that all pets should be kept in their owners room unless they're on a leash.
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Have we many people like that on board?
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It's a fairly common phobia. Not to mention that some individuals on board do have quite large dogs.
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Sure, I'll keep that in mind when I have Emma with me or when I'm taking her for walks.
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No, we haven't; I'm still very new. Dr Robin Hudson, but you can call me Robin. Nice to meet you, Captain Hunt.
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Dylan, then. What kind of ship do you captain when you're not here?
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Medical. I specialised in forensic pathology though, so it's been some time since I last worked with live patients.

It gets to your ship's head? [Count Robin as one who knows very little about starships]
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You must be from way beyond my time. I don't know that much about it, but I'm pretty sure our most advanced AI systems don't have anything near the capacity for smugness. [She's smiling as she says it.]
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Spaceships and time travel too. Hmm. Yep, definitely future man to me.

I guess that'd give you some insight on how it feels to be behind, though. How did you manage to get transplanted into your future?