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hunt4commonwealth ([personal profile] hunt4commonwealth) wrote2012-10-04 03:46 pm

Five. Man's Best Friend Has Fangs.

[Filtered Away from Cato]

This is Dylan Hunt, and I've got a favor to ask.

We've got a lot of animals on board, which is great. They provide companionship, support, joy...things that people here really need sometimes. I've always liked dogs myself. But I know that there are also people on board who've had bad experiences with animals, or are just plain nervous about them. So I'd like to ask that those of you with pets to keep a close eye on them. Keep them on leash or in sight when they're out of your cabin, so you can get control of them quickly if they run into someone who might be terrified of their presence, no matter how good-natured the animal is.

And those of you who transform into animals [...not a phrase he gets to say often...], please just keep in mind that someone who doesn't know who you are might be very scared, and approach humanoids with caution if you approach at all when you're in your animal form.

Thank you.

Hunt out.

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