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Seven [Audio]

[After this thread of room 217 eating Cato.]

Stay away from room 217. I repeat, stay away from room 217. Something in there is highly dangerous and has already killed at least one person.

[Because Dylan couldn't save him, couldn't get to him in time. Once more someone's died on his watch and it's his fault.

He intends to say more, but then he smells Sarah's perfume on the air. His former fiancee. Another person he'd failed. Unnerved, he ends the warning there.]
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If you know that there's something dangerous in Room-217, then why haven't you dealt with it?

You're designated as a warden, combat ready and prepared for hostile environments, it is a dereliction of your duty to have left this hazard unanswered.
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It's alright. Sometimes Her will is stronger than ours.

We're safer now.
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Who is She?

Comrade, our objective should not be safety, it should be professionalism. Adherence to our function!
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only if "our will" is probably "your actual literal heart" - Love, Ben

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The Blue Lady. Can't you hear Her?

A warden's function is safety. Of their inmates, of each other, of themselves. I've looked it up in the dictionary.
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Prefect... is probably more up for doing that today than he usually would be :c

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I hear the Factory.

We have other functions as well. Administrative ones. Interpersonal ones. We have many functions to be fulfilled in the service of the Barge.
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Re: Prefect... is probably more up for doing that today than he usually would be :c

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What factory?

Administrative, interpersonal, and many other functions become moot if the people participating in them are not safe.
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If I were you, I'd forget about your loss and get back in there to neutralize this hazard, before it's determined that you're unsuitable for your position here.

I'm not saying that you are unsuitable, of course, but there's a certain standard of responsibility which we're required to meet, and I don't see how leaving this problem in the hopes that someone else is going to come along and clean up your mess meets that standard.
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You can shut your mouth. If you were worth half the words you say you would have been there helping us knock down the door.

But you're not. You can only push and preach. [Rhade is all the broken right now.]
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I have my own function to fulfill, I can't be following you two around trying to restore purity and order to your work. We are expected to aspire to a certain standard, not to drag each other down with our incompetence.
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His contract has nothing to do with your contract. And I'm personally going to make sure I don't make the same mistake.

[The hotel score is rising and rising here.]
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So you're going to run around after him cleaning up his mistakes? Well, that's certainly a foolproof cure for incompetence. I'm sure you'll be entirely successful.
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No. I'm going to make sure I don't make anymore worthless, useless noise like yours.
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[She puts a familiar hand on Dylan's shoulder, approaching him from behind.] Dylan, you did everything you could.
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[She gives him a sweet, understanding look. One that she used to be capable of when he needed it most.]

It's fine. You know me. I couldn't leave a job half done.

[She takes his hand and sits on the bed with him.] It's not your fault. You've done everything you could. All this time you've always done everything you could.

[She squeezes his fingers and holds them closer to her.] You should rest now.
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You're so stubborn. [She says it with a smile though, with all the hurt of a woman who lost her true love.] You won't leave the job half finished. You've already done it. You know you have- we all believed in you, and we gave up everything because we love you.

[She touches the side of his face.] That new life I made for myself wasn't enough. But I have another chance too, and I still want you. I want to give you what you missed.

Please don't leave me alone again.

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Noticed that. [She looks almost smug, though.] Not very effective, though.

[It tried to strangle her. Which, being utterly impossible, didn't do all that much. Though it hurt more than she'll claim.]
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"Something bad," she whispered, not quite looking at him. Something dark. She could sense that much.

"It'll strangle you."
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"Think it's already dead," she whispered,