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Eight. [Video]

I have a friend, his name is Rev Bem. He’s a Magog, which probably doesn’t mean much to most of you, but they’re the race that’s the terror of the three galaxies. Their overwhelming instinct is to either kill and eat every non-Magog they come across, or, if you’re really unlucky, they lay their larvae inside you, which eat your insides and finally rip right out through your abdomen wall to be born. But Rev Bem is different.

He was born Magog, and he lived the same way as the rest of them for a while. But then he decided to change. And his will was so strong that it overcame his upbringing, his instincts, everything. He was the best, wisest, holiest man I’ve ever known.

Rev Bem is short for Reverend Behemial. He became a respected Wayist.

That’s why I believe in redemption. If someone like that that change, someone who was born from death and in every way designed by nature to kill others...if a Magog, the most aggressive and vicious and bloodthirsty race, can become a Wayist priest I figure there’s hope for everyone.

[He grins. He’s been affected by the mistletoe. And though he believes everything he just said, the mistletoe inspires him to tell everyone about it right now.]

I love this time of year.

Hey, anyone up for a trivia-night in the bar?
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[You, sir, have caught the attention of a certain creepy robot.]

What does a Magog look like?
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threadjack I'm so sorry

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Bats are wonderful creatures!

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I see. Thank you very much.
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Dylan, you know absolutely nothing about anyone's trivia.

[He's the most chipper cynic.]

Rev Bem was a respectable individual.
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You know they're unborn for some of the people here.

[How is that for a trip, Dylan.]

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...If this boat can't field the best trivia team ever, I'll eat me Christmas jumper. Or maybe yours if you 'old still long enough, tiger. Count me in!
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[Barbara grins widely as she listens. She'd appreciate the story any time, but now it brings a warmth to her eyes, and she responds with one of her own.]

One of the bravest, kindest, most selfless people I know was raised to be a killer. She turned herself into a hero instead.

And I'd love a trivia night, if you don't mind getting the pants beat off you.
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How would that work with so many different worlds present?
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ho ho homicide

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Sure, I don't see why not.
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That's a very interesting story. What made him decide to change? If you don't mind my asking.
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That's very noble of him. I'm not particularly familiar with Wayism.

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That's a really great story. I mean... What a great reminder of why we're all here.

If there's any time of year that's good for redemption stories, it's this one. Redemption, rebirth. The changing of the seasons. [Yep, someone else is affected here, too.]

What kind of trivia?
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That's a great idea.

Most of the trivia I know is pretty specific, though. It's mostly architecture stuff.


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public; video

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That is a wonderful story; thank you for sharing it. A little optimism goes a long way when needed.
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Especially here.
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Can we just watch everyone else play?

[Don't get her wrong, she knows a lot and she's a fast learner, but she's figured out how little her universe has with everyone else's.]

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