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Ten [Video]

This is Captain Dylan Hunt, with an announcement and a question.

First the announcement. Cato has fallen into a coma. I'll be watching out for him, but I'm sure he'd appreciate well wishes for a speedy recovery. [Actually, he's not sure Cato would appreciate that, but he's gonna ask for well wishes on Cato's behalf anyway.] I've heard that sometimes people in a coma still have some degree of awareness, so I'm going to visit him every day and I'd love for other people to join me, even if you don't know him very well. [He knows Cato doesn't have many friends, but who says being in a coma prevents you from expanding your social circle?]

And now for the question. I was wondering how many people here have a background in the military? Me, I was Home Guard almost as soon as I got out of school. Then I went into the High Guard, then the officers' academy, and worked my way up the ranks. I've hardly known any other life. The training really changes you, shapes you, no matter what branch you're in. Even retired soldiers still have the mark. I'll probably still be compulsively shining my boots once a week until I'm 110.

[Private to Blonsky.]

Thanks for helping out with the SAR op. We couldn't have done it without you.
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[Once might not expect Aya to, but the Green Lanterns were very much their own military. Complete with training, missions, rankings...even routine roll calls and daily regimes.]

I have experience.
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[She doesn't mind at all.]

I was programmed to be the navigational computer for the Green Lanterns' ship. Through experience and various observations, I made the decision to grow beyond this basic function and become one of them.


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I've known a lot o' soldiers, lovey, but some'ow I don't reckon that's what you're gettin' at, is it?

[She grins.]

Sorry about your lad. Goin' round just now, isn't it?
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Girl's got to 'ave an 'obby, eh?

...'As there been much research done? On the coma patients, I mean. I'm workin' on a thing now that might give us a clue. Maybe.
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I was in the army, once. Science Officer.
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[It was hell :<]

Engineering. [He pauses for a moment, then adds:] I did a stint as a combat medic before going into engineering. [According to his uniform, anyway.]
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[Affirmative grunt.]

Order of the Silver Hand. After that, the Scourge. Not that that means anything to you.
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What? Oh.

The ...Silver Hand was a religious order founded after the Horde almost wiped out the southern chapters of the Church during the Second War. Priests with weapons and armor.

The Scourge was the opposite, I suppose.
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No military experience to speak of, but my dad served in Vietnam.
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My initial FBI training was with domestic intelligence during the S.I. War. [Which no one here seems to know about.] But the war ended before I saw combat.
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Not many do. Apparently it only happens if the Taelons are in your history.

The Sino-Indian war. It was started, and perhaps ended, in an effort to manipulate mankind into peace through dependency.

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More than happy to help out, and it was an honor working with you both. It's unfortunate we don't get that kind of excitement around here too often.

And to your question, count me in that small lot. British Royal Marine Captain. I know exactly what you mean about it changing you. [Pauses to consider that, then shrugs.] Some more than others.


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[He thinks nothing of a height joke being implied there. Dylan is good people.]

All my life. Officially, as soon as I could join. Nothing else fit.
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JA307020 is a security program. Base programming, resultant worldview fundamentally similar to that of a User with military experience.
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[This one takes him a day or two to respond to, but he does. And when he does, he's absolutely level in his tone and enunciation.]

Permission to visit Cato in the Infirmary, sir.

As to your question, I feel my response would be self-evident.

[Just a wee bit of military in this one. Changes, shapes, still has the mark, always will: check, check, check, and check.]
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Thank you, sir.

You simply asked for those with military "background" - you didn't specify the means by which it came about.

[He's not arguing, merely pointing out why he bothered to respond at all. Even though that's not why he responded.]

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