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Eleven [Video]

[Sarah's a scientist from the future, so she figures out how to work the comms quickly enough. She sets it to video.]

Looks like Dylan and I just missed each other. Story of our lives. [She's sad about it still, but not bitter.]

If anyone can tell me how he's doing, how he's really doing, not just the public "I'm Mr. Captain, and everything's great" face he sometimes puts on, I'd really appreciate it.
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[Spam] Dated towards the end of the flood.

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[Rhade has made the gratuitous mistake of not checking the network when he returns. It's something he'll regret, and he'll blame whatever happens on himself. But he chimes at Dylan's door, eager to talk to him now that he's back.

He's had a long break as far as his own time goes, and he feels sufficiently cooled enough that he won't jam a gun into a particular blonde's mouth and shamelessly pull the trigger.

The worst part is he brought back presents, including a rare bottle of Vedran wine (slightly easier to find in his time) to give Dylan as a parting thought. He wants them to separate on good terms. Optimism; it leads to stupid mistakes on his part.]
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[He drops the bottle, which only by a miracle and bag wrapping doesn't break as it rolls into his room and his hands fly up, palms out, and his eyes go wide. He side-steps slowly, keeping his hands up, and nearly tripping over the leg of a table stuck out just a bit too far.]

Sarah, I don't know what he's told you, yet, or how long you've been here-

[He grimaces. He has no idea how to defend himself, because it's all true.] I know. [He was supposed to be the best man at their wedding. He was supposed to stand by him when Sarah came down the aisle.] He does, too.
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[He rubs his hands over his face.] It's called a flood. [He's afraid to get close to her, though. He keeps a safe distance, remaining cautious. Not only to keep from having things thrown at him, but she might not want him anywhere near her.]

I spent about a year here as an inmate. They pass. You won't be trapped here. [But...] You're not going to see him. People switch, sometimes. [And he sounds genuinely apologetic about that.]
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I didn't want them held accountable for my actions. [He picks up the bottle he dropped and carries it over to the desk.] Did they all survive? [Which is more important than him.]
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[He sighs. Sometimes he does think he's an idiot for what he did, and others he knows it's a decision that he should have made, just with less hate for Dylan's ignorance in him help motivating it.] Nietzscheans are both individuals and a group. The Commonwealth handed over my people uselessly.

It was true, by the way. The Commonwealth was hiding the fact that an army of Magog were making their way towards the Known Worlds. They handed over worlds that weren't theirs to tide over a threat. The Commonwealth lied to us all, but no one will find out for 300 years. It's better that it starts over.
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I had no idea the extent of it until later, just of the death toll on my kind, the knowledge that we were expendable, and the certainty they wouldn't stop. Your aunt- [He keeps himself from getting angry] -had to know. The Andromeda was sent on a mission immediately prior to Dylan and I receiving reassignment. Then disappearance of the entire crew was undocumented and buried because they found out about the approaching world ship.

[And that make him end any irritation, because right there he realizes the trait that Trance needed from the bridge crew. The only way to access those files or to navigate the ship when it was locking people out was to have Special Ops Authorization. Only he and Dylan had that! And with only one of them surviving, one or the other would have to recruit Beka's crew- they were just as important.

He smears his hands down his face with a look of bland shock as he's considering that, and then keeps talking.] She survived the Fall, according to Dylan. She started a movement to exterminate all genetically enhanced individuals from the Known Worlds, so there would never be an insurrection.

...But my people turned into something I didn't care saving. So it doesn't matter now. I'm still alive and I've been preserving the data from the Commonwealth.
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...You and I were the biggest upsets he could ever go through. I don't think anything really gets to him anymore.

He misses you. And I'm sorry I took him away from you. He had a lot of plans about your future together, and I tried to warn him. Almost every day I pointed out things, told him where to look... He wasn't ignorant. He was just hopeful. I see that now.

[He unwraps the bottle and leaves it on Dylan's desk, going to retrieve the throw pillow that had been lobbed at him.]
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I found Vedran wine when I went back. It's rare in his time. Almost unheard of. [He rubs his mouth and goes to sit down in a chair. Yup, it's the only reason he was there. Doopty doo.]

He graduated his inmate and will be leaving soon. [That, too.]
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[Oh, this is phenomenally awkward. He looks down at his fingers and taps the pads of them together, and he shirks his shoulders in a heavy exhale.]

I'm fortunate to be on any terms with him. But neither of us are exactly the same people we were before the Fall. I lost everything and he had to take my life and live it better.
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Not like he was. But he still enjoys himself, and he has something to work for.

[He doesn't tell her that he things people moving on without him bother's Dylan a little bit, takes away his importance on a personal level.] He doesn't live to hate anyone. It's very admirable. [Even Nietzscheans know that's how it should be.]
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I never thought of him as my responsibility to take care of before. But I do now. [He glances towards where her hand is resting, but says nothing.]

We'll both have children, and grandchildren, and their grandchildren's grandchildren will help Dylan. He won't be alone.
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Are you happy? [He has to ask that.] The person you're with, is he being a good husband?
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He knows. [He can confirm that.] And I think much of the time, he feels the same way. [His voice gets a little scratchy, the way that it does when he's sad about something.]
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No. [He can admit that.] It doesn't change you. It just enlightens you to errors in judgement. I'm mostly the same person, just more aware of what I did.

What did change me was the first year I went through. Dylan didn't survive the first time, I did. One of Harper's devices, I know you're familiar with them, gave me the chance to die instead and I took it.
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Re: [Spam]

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I did. So... tell my family I was a casualty of war. On both sides. [They do deserve something.]
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They do. 300 years from now, they'll still be trying to live down my legacy. And I'll be known for both. [And he sounds heartbroken about it.

Because realistically, he knows she won't remember being here.]
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We did have to. I wish we didn't. We were set up to. [He stops and rubs his temple.] The whole thing has been a set-up that's been rewritten time and time again.
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There was one where you ended up together. In the distant future, the Commonwealth has been completely corrupted and there's a suppressed rebel faction struggling against them.

It really feels as though there were no ways to win.
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[That gets an abrupt laugh.] He ah... I know the crew he's with. They're all insightful, good people. They'll take him far. Further than regiment would have. And I have the start of a library, and another daughter, and a companion who has experience saving civilizations through their darkest periods.

We're at least not alone anymore. Neither one of us. [Even if it doesn't seem like they'll end up together.]
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Alright. I'm just down the hall- in 17 if you need me. [He leaves then.]