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My inmate graduated, and it's high time I went and made use of my deal. [He gives a goofy grin.] My universe isn't just going to save itself.

[Then, more seriously.]

Wardens and inmates both, I hope you get what you need here. A new life. Dreams fulfilled. Those are things worth working for.

Hunt out.

[Private to Ben]

I'm sorry I couldn't stick around to give you more lessons. But my people need me. My crew will die without me. I can't abandon them. Take care of Gaheris for me. He's good at survival, but he needs people to remind him that he's worth more than just his genes. And take care of yourself, too.

[Handwritten note left in Rhade's quarters]

"Friendship is nothing else than an accord in all things, human and divine, conjoined with mutual goodwill and affection, and I am inclined to think that, with the exception of wisdom, no better thing has been given to man by the immortal gods."

Not Nietzsche, but I always kind of liked it. I promised you that I'll see you again someday. And I will.

((OOC: Dylan is hiatused, but not gone. He will be back.))
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Congratulations, Captain.
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Oh, certainly. I hope everything for you goes exactly as it is destined to.
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[The writing scrawled on Ben's wall is familiar, and he's quick to head back to his room. It's confirmation of what he's done even without the body available. His "conviction" was not that of the individual, but his own. He actually rewarded Ben by returning.

It's an awful thought to have in his head as he picks up the sheet of paper on his desk. He quickly steps outside, just in time to see that Dylan's room is back to normal. That now he's gone.

He looks back down at the note and returns to his room, muttering something to the affect of-] There is no such thing [-in reference to gods and divinity. Even having met them here, they're just animals of a different sort.

He knew it was going to end, but a few months seems so much shorter when he looks it in the face like this. At least he won't have any problems facing his own time in Zero.]
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Oh well done, sweetheart, that's another knee in the nadgers for the statistics, eh?

Give us a buzz if your universe still needs a tweak when you get there, eh? You've got me number - well, if you don't I'll nip back an' make sure you will 'ave, eh? Good luck, pet.
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[Ben has mixed feelings about this. He knows Rhade doesn't want Dylan to go, and the Captain has been kind to him and believed him and so Ben isn't exactly ambivalent either, but he also understands these things he's saying. People need their people.]

I'll do my best, sir. He'll miss you.
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You did not. [And neither did Rhade, it shows in the way he's abruptly curious, more sharply interested.]

It seems a much more common practice where you are from than where I am from. I'm... glad we all came to the same place.
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You are also from a place where the military seems to have a strong presence. It only makes sense. Transgenics are better soldiers than humans; the more subtle the enhancement, the... more preferable.

And someday, we will all leave.
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[Right now, through no fault of his own, Ben can't wrap his mind around what he's being told; it's like handing him a knife and telling him it's to be used as a shovel. He'll think on it later, but for now all he can conclude with any clarity is that he is absolutely not interested in being a gardener.]

That's what the song meant. To not try to hang on to the good things, to happiness. Sometimes they have to go, or can't be had.
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[Ben considers this in silence for a few long moments. He'll miss Dylan, too, though not quite enough to actually be saddened. More for Rhade's sake, and because he understands being in that position.]

Good luck, Captain.

Thank you.
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