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Thirteen [Video]

[Dylan looks almost exactly the same as when he left. Different clothes, but same haircut, no new lines on his face. The time that passed for him was time that had passed once before; a redo of the timeline, trying a different branch of the tree, as Trance Gemini would put it. And so he lived away for a few years but it still arriving at the same moment he had before--the moment he does *not* succeed in saving the universe *and* all his friends without casualties.]

O-kay. That didn't work. [He says to himself before pushing aside whatever weariness he felt and turning on the communicator.]

Hello. For people who are new, I'm Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth warship Andromeda Ascendent.

For you guys that already know me, I'm back. Uh...obviously. If someone can fill me in on how long I've been gone and what's happened lately, I'd really appreciate it.

((OOC: Dylan is back from hiatus, and Narvin will be vanishing for canon updating some time today.))

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