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Fourteen [Video] (CW: below the cut are references to aliens that eat and rape people)

I haven’t told many people specifically why I’m here or what sort of universe I come from. Some of you might know a bit about it from Gaheris but...

In my universe there’s a race called the Magog. They’re evolved to kill, and they’re very good at it. A Magog can only digest food that it’s personally killed itself, and has to struggle in pain for the Magog’s digestive processes to activate. And their appetites are enormous. To say a Magog is always hungry isn’t much of an exaggeration. They reproduce by infesting living victims with their larvae. The larvae grow inside the person’s body and eventually eat their way out. Needless to say the “mothers” are pretty much always an unwilling participant in this reproductive process. When a Magog swarm invades, they leave devastation in their wake.

They’re kind of a problem. [A Dylan understatement.]

And there’s a ship made of twenty joined planets, all covered with Magog. Trillions of them. Enough to swarm over all the known worlds once they launched their invasion. My crew and I fought against them. My mission for the last three years was to try to find a way to stop them. I was fighting them right before I came here. Everything was exploding.

I don’t know for certain whether the Worldship was destroyed or not. If it was, it was a Pyrrhic victory at best. So much was lost. [Beka. Harper. Trance. Andromeda. All of them. Not to mention all those people on the space station Arkology. And the many deaths before them.]

A friend of mine used to say that events are like branches of a tree, find just the right branch to follow and you can make a perfect possible future. That wasn’t it. My first deal with the Admiral was to be given another chance. I wanted to try again to find that perfect possible future. It didn’t work. Different choices, different events, different mistakes, but it all led to the same ending.

When I first discovered the Worldship my strategy was to build an alliance against the Magog. The reborn Commonwealth, fifty worlds standing together to defend the universe from the horror of an assault. But they turned on each other. Ambition and politics started tearing the whole thing apart before the Magog even got there. But I still believe that good people working together is the best way to stop them.

That’s why I’m telling you all this. Because my universe needs help and if any of you—warden or inmate—want a worthy cause to fight for after you leave the ship and don’t mind travelling to another reality, I’ve got one for you.

[He smiles crookedly.]

So, there’s my recruitment speech. But if you join up, I promise you won’t need to salute or wear a uniform. [Beka sure never did.]

[Private to Megamind and Sandoval, separately.]

Mind if I ask you a few things?

[Private to Lua.]

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I think we could both use a break. Meet me in front of the CES?

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