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[Private to Blonsky]

There's been a murder. The current suspect is a transgenic super soldier so we've been requested for guard duty. There's some irregularities in the details so he might not have been the culprit, but he's going to need an escort for a while whenever he leaves his cabin just in case all hell breaks loose.

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[Transgenic. Super. Soldier. ... Sounds like fun.]

Just how 'super' are we talking here?

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I can handle him. [Under better circumstances, he'd poke at him, just to instigate a fight.

But now's probably not the best time.]

When and where do you need me?

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[This is why you're a great warden, Dylan. You understand the need to smash things.]

I can manage that.

Suppose he tries anything. A simple knock out be sufficient enough to handle him?

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[Backup? Pah.]

Alright, sounds good. Is that it, then?

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What he did or didn't do doesn't matter to me. I know my orders. Protect the criminal that might not even be one. It's about par for the course. I can keep it neutral, don't worry about that.

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[...] Thanks. [And he means it.]

No, I think that's everything. Keep me updated if anything changes.