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Seventeen [Video]


There won’t be any more attacks.

It was me. I accidentally drank some cursed wine. It wasn’t intended for me and it wasn’t intended to cause anyone to die, but that’s what ended up happening anyway. During the day I was myself and at night...I wasn’t. I spent a few days and nights in Zero to make sure that the curse completely cleared my system and that it wouldn’t happen again.

If anyone has any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

[Private separately to the Marquis de Carabas, Lisbeth, and Anya. EDIT: And a text version sent to Lua.]

I’m sorry. I know my apology doesn’t make it better or make it go away, but I am so, so sorry about what happened.

[Private to Ben and Arthas separately.]

Thank you for stopping before it was too late and assault became murder.

[Private to Blonsky]

I don’t know if you noticed a new room in your cabin...or...uh...if you have a cabin right now--[He remembers trashing some rooms in the fight, but not which rooms specifically.]--but you’ve graduated.

Congratulations, Captain Blonsky.
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private/text bc he mad

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You know, it really doesn't make it any better at all. Thank you for noticing.
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You said it wasn't you. So what was it?
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In that case, I hope you're indelibly psychologically scarred from the experience.
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[ Private : Voice ]

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[Ben is a lot calmer, now that everything is resolved, Rhade is back on his feet, and Anya is okay. Far be it from Ben, of all people, to maintain grudges over others losing control of themselves.

Now that everything is more or less okay, of course.

Did you at least destroy the wine?
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[ Private : Voice ]

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Do you know the source of the wine? Has it been neutralized?
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[ Private : Voice ]

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I see. [It's less Ben's warden status and more his loyalty to Rhade, his unwillingness to disappoint him, that would keep him from taking any such action; that and it's not, by his standards, severe enough to warrant it.

Things may have turned out differently had any of Ben's people been the ones actually killed. He's okay with this.

I'm not pleased, of course. But I do understand... not quite being able to control oneself. More understandable, perhaps, in your case than in mine.
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[She's in an infirmary bed, still a bit wan but at least comfortable.]

Thank you, captain. I appreciate that.
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...I think I need you to say that to Lua.

[She smiles a little ruefully.]

And she's probably going to be a lot more pissed than I am, to be honest. But. That's what I want.
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Yeah, you do know, because you just said it and I told you to. I mean it, same thing, word for word.

Send it as text, maybe. She can ignore that if she wants. But I think it's something she should hear from you.

[Sorry Dylan, she's not letting you hide and tell yourself it's for Lua's sake.]
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Thank you, Captain.


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I have one, just didn't notice any changes on account of being dead to the bloody world the past few days. Bein' Abomination for that long will do that to a guy.

[Awfully calm about that fact. There's silence as he looks up, notices the changes.


If all I had to do to graduate was knock you about a couple times, I would've done that sooner.

[Pauses, becomes a tad more serious.]

What happens now, Captain Hunt? For you and me both.


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[He appreciates the humor. How else can one deal with this situation without a bit of levity?]

I couldn't be a warden. Talking through someone else's problems isn't a skill I've mastered. [Or there's the less obvious reason: fear of backsliding. Being stuck here against his will.] I'll probably go back to where I came from. Just before my capture. A life spent running is infinitely better than one stuck in a cage.
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private text;

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[Skipping right past that apology.] who was it intended for?
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[Lua hasn't deliberately been ignoring him; these past few days have been like whenever Ladd or Richie before him would be laid up from whoever wanted to kill him this week, where she'd be there unless she knew they'd be out for a while and she had to sleep or eat or shower.

She'd been hoping this was rumors until Anya said something to her.]

Was it you in your head, or something that took you over?
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[what do you even say to that]

What parts?

Do you want to hurt people here?

[you say that and immediately regret sending it is what]
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So I don't see how that was you. Just your body.

[She doesn't want it to have been really him, after his last victim. Ladd at least had never gone after Jane or Anya.]
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If you didn't have a hold on yourself.