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Eighteen [Video] Last Post


Now that Captain Blonsky has graduated, I’m off to cash in my deal and fight Magog. Everyone who helped along the way, thank you.

[Private to Arthas]

I believe you’re a good man inside, even if you don’t believe it. I’ve known a lot of good men who’ve made terrible mistakes for what they thought were the right reasons. A lot of them were able to be good men again, and I think you can be, too.

[Private to Lua]

I’m sorry I had to go and turn out to be another guy who thinks with his fists. You’re gorgeous and strong...stronger than people think, maybe even stronger than you think. And I hope you find someone who can let you be strong on your own terms but not require you to be strong because of his own inability to be gentle.

[Private to Iris]

You offered to help me save a universe. Whenever you’re feeling up for it, here are the coordinates where you can find me.

[And he sends her a description of the universe, the year and the day he’ll be returning to, and a description of the Andromeda. With her time ship, he figures that’ll be enough to find him.]
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I'll be there, lovey. Some iteration of me, any road. Best of luck!
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Magog, huh? Do I even wanna know?

Congrats, dude. And thanks for the help with... that thing.
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Good luck out there. Don't forget to forget to write.
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[In the back of her mind, even after everything that happened earlier this week, Lua's first thought about what he's just announced is "that's what you said last time". She isn't about to say that because of how many ways he could take it. She isn't even about to address any of what he only means for her to hear, either. Anyone who talks to her like that, she'll talk herself into wanting to follow even when they tell her no; she can get past angry or scared, she thinks, and not wanting to live the life she'd have to, leaving people she's nowhere near done with...

She's thinking too hard about it, when there's only one thing to say.]

Good luck.
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[She'll just take that, not try to say no when she knows it's true.]

That why you were telling me you were sorry?

[It can't have been about her as her, he never even got near her.]
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She told you to do that?

[She really doesn't know how to feel about a single word that's been said in this conversation but this is the most confusing.]
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Re: private

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...oh. [Something small hiding in her dies, but she won't notice it's gone until later. Knowing that she would have had to say something if Anya hadn't... it's a letdown after everything she's built up about him.]

That isn't what I'm going to remember, all right? Not the longest.
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[She frowns, and when she starts speaking again, she isn't able to look at him at first.] I couldn't let you go without saying something.

Couldn't have followed you anyway. Even if you hadn't hurt her.