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CONTACT METHOD: PM, email (blackletter_ajo AT hotmail DOT com) or plurk [ profile] blackletter
THREAD-JACKING: If it's public, feel free to threadjack.
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Please no recognizing him as Kevin Sorbo/That Guy Who Played Hercules. But recognized as fictional is fine, although I'd rather not belabor it. Telling him about future events in his canon is totally fine. That is a thing that happens in his canon anyway.
BACKTAGGING: Yup. Although if it's very very late, I may end up thread dropping just 'cause I sometimes find it hard to remember where emotionally a character is once it's been a while and they've moved on to other events.
AVOIDED TOPICS: I'm pretty unsquickable. Anything potentially squicky or triggery should certainly be discussed in advance, though.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dylan is 6'3'', rather fluffy brown hair, blue eyes, and fairly well muscled. His accent sounds like Generic American and his scent is mostly human, although being from the future and with his genetically odd heritage, he'd probably smell just a little not-quite-standard homo sapiens. He wears mostly dark clothes--black and navy--in a somewhat military cut. Jackets and trousers and a Force Lance on a thigh holster.
DEMEANOR: Dylan is generally friendly unless people give him a reason not to be. He's the sort of guy who'd try to get to know his neighbors and smile at people he passes in the hallway.
ABILITIES: As a half-heavy gravity worlder, he's somewhat stronger, tougher, and faster than the average human. He's a soldier and trained with various weapons and hand-to-hand. Plus he sometimes has bursts of freakishly good intuition (courtesy of his Paradine heritage).
MEDICAL INFORMATION: His bones are denser than a normal human and he's a bit heavier than expected for his height and size, but otherwise he's like a standard human.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Rape and cannibalism will seriously get Dylan's ire up. Betrayal is also a sensitive point for him.

VIOLENCE: Go for it.
DEBATE: Affirmative.
OTHER / NOTES: Anything major should involve prior communication, but I love plots and am open to almost anything.

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