I haven’t told many people specifically why I’m here or what sort of universe I come from. Some of you might know a bit about it from Gaheris but...

Cut for Dylan talking at great length. )

[Private to Megamind and Sandoval, separately.]

Mind if I ask you a few things?

[Private to Lua.]

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I think we could both use a break. Meet me in front of the CES?
18 March 2013 @ 11:07 pm
[Dylan's physical changes aren't as lovely and dramatic as some. When he disembarks he gets just a basic set of gills and some blueish webbing to help him swim, nothing more. His Force Lance is all but useless under water, so his first order of business is to find a spear or harpoon which with to defend himself and his crewmates if necessary (although he hopes it won't become so).

Once that's accomplished, his goal is primarily to talk to the locals and to keep an eye on everyone who has disembarked from the Barge and make sure they stay safe. But he also sneaks a bit of time away to play at throwing a roundish piece of wood he found into a "goal" between two wooden stakes, like a variation on solitary water polo.]