I haven’t told many people specifically why I’m here or what sort of universe I come from. Some of you might know a bit about it from Gaheris but...

Cut for Dylan talking at great length. )

[Private to Megamind and Sandoval, separately.]

Mind if I ask you a few things?

[Private to Lua.]

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I think we could both use a break. Meet me in front of the CES?
12 January 2013 @ 07:53 pm
This is Captain Dylan Hunt, with an announcement and a question.

First the announcement. Cato has fallen into a coma. I'll be watching out for him, but I'm sure he'd appreciate well wishes for a speedy recovery. [Actually, he's not sure Cato would appreciate that, but he's gonna ask for well wishes on Cato's behalf anyway.] I've heard that sometimes people in a coma still have some degree of awareness, so I'm going to visit him every day and I'd love for other people to join me, even if you don't know him very well. [He knows Cato doesn't have many friends, but who says being in a coma prevents you from expanding your social circle?]

And now for the question. I was wondering how many people here have a background in the military? Me, I was Home Guard almost as soon as I got out of school. Then I went into the High Guard, then the officers' academy, and worked my way up the ranks. I've hardly known any other life. The training really changes you, shapes you, no matter what branch you're in. Even retired soldiers still have the mark. I'll probably still be compulsively shining my boots once a week until I'm 110.

[Private to Blonsky.]

Thanks for helping out with the SAR op. We couldn't have done it without you.
08 December 2012 @ 10:24 pm
I have a friend, his name is Rev Bem. He’s a Magog, which probably doesn’t mean much to most of you, but they’re the race that’s the terror of the three galaxies. Their overwhelming instinct is to either kill and eat every non-Magog they come across, or, if you’re really unlucky, they lay their larvae inside you, which eat your insides and finally rip right out through your abdomen wall to be born. But Rev Bem is different.

He was born Magog, and he lived the same way as the rest of them for a while. But then he decided to change. And his will was so strong that it overcame his upbringing, his instincts, everything. He was the best, wisest, holiest man I’ve ever known.

Rev Bem is short for Reverend Behemial. He became a respected Wayist.

That’s why I believe in redemption. If someone like that that change, someone who was born from death and in every way designed by nature to kill others...if a Magog, the most aggressive and vicious and bloodthirsty race, can become a Wayist priest I figure there’s hope for everyone.

[He grins. He’s been affected by the mistletoe. And though he believes everything he just said, the mistletoe inspires him to tell everyone about it right now.]

I love this time of year.

Hey, anyone up for a trivia-night in the bar?
20 November 2012 @ 07:08 pm
[After this thread of room 217 eating Cato.]

Stay away from room 217. I repeat, stay away from room 217. Something in there is highly dangerous and has already killed at least one person.

[Because Dylan couldn't save him, couldn't get to him in time. Once more someone's died on his watch and it's his fault.

He intends to say more, but then he smells Sarah's perfume on the air. His former fiancee. Another person he'd failed. Unnerved, he ends the warning there.]
04 October 2012 @ 03:46 pm
[Filtered Away from Cato]

This is Dylan Hunt, and I've got a favor to ask.

We've got a lot of animals on board, which is great. They provide companionship, support, joy...things that people here really need sometimes. I've always liked dogs myself. But I know that there are also people on board who've had bad experiences with animals, or are just plain nervous about them. So I'd like to ask that those of you with pets to keep a close eye on them. Keep them on leash or in sight when they're out of your cabin, so you can get control of them quickly if they run into someone who might be terrified of their presence, no matter how good-natured the animal is.

And those of you who transform into animals [...not a phrase he gets to say often...], please just keep in mind that someone who doesn't know who you are might be very scared, and approach humanoids with caution if you approach at all when you're in your animal form.

Thank you.

Hunt out.