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[Dylan's physical changes aren't as lovely and dramatic as some. When he disembarks he gets just a basic set of gills and some blueish webbing to help him swim, nothing more. His Force Lance is all but useless under water, so his first order of business is to find a spear or harpoon which with to defend himself and his crewmates if necessary (although he hopes it won't become so).

Once that's accomplished, his goal is primarily to talk to the locals and to keep an eye on everyone who has disembarked from the Barge and make sure they stay safe. But he also sneaks a bit of time away to play at throwing a roundish piece of wood he found into a "goal" between two wooden stakes, like a variation on solitary water polo.]
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[Rhade did end up with some of the dramatic changes. He's striped vibrantly, and he's... spinier than usual. They line webbed ears, they're coming out of his back in two rows down either side, and where his boneblades were much longer ones jab out into the water. He has webbed fingers and feet, and while this isn't the most helpful for quick swimming, he's certainly well protected at short range.

He drifts down to catch the slow moving ball when it comes at him.]

At least you were already made for the pressure. [Odd to be able to talk. He had given up on the top half of his wetsuit at this point for obvious reasons- only the bottom half remained.]
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I have practice. [Just not with this much. He raises a brow (which he fortunately still has) and throws the "ball" back. It rolls lazily toward Dylan and Rhade follows after it.

Rhade is unfortunately a poisonous friend, at the moment, in the most literal sense.]
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[Dylan has gone there first, so Gaheris follows merrily after.] It's not often enough that I get to hear that. [Though despite the joke, he knows he's not especially quick with these and just sort of circles Dylan. Closer up, while he still has the whites of his eyes, the irises now have an iridescent, reflective quality.

He holds up webbed fingers for the ball to be thrown to him at short range.]
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Oh, we can't all be this impressive. [There's a flicker as his eyes catch light, and then are dark again. He tosses the ball back, and passes his fingerwebbing under it, pushing himself back and causing the ball to rise slightly.]

Or this slow. [He can admit it. But he's not going to lie, he likes being spiny.]
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I would never put anyone through these growing in. I'm not that cruel. [He gets close enough to shove the ball at Dylan.]
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It would be difficult to hold, too. [And then he adds cockily.] Those soldiers needed to be able to take care of themselves.

[And they did. He doesn't know if Dylan ever realized what he was doing in retrospect, but for a relatively peaceful society that only had to worry about hit and miss battles with the Magog (traumatic ones) Rhade was relentless.]
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Survival was the point. [He confirms, giving Dylan a shove and- yes, heavy as a rock. In fact, it pushes Rhade more than Dylan. Fortunately, he seems more amused by his driftyness than anything, even as his eyes catch another glint of green.]

So, do you want to help me explore so I don't become trapped in anything?
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[It's a snarky answer, but he's also thinking of the spirit of the abyss. The god of the Magog. At the same time, he's a Nietzschean, and no things are gained through fear.]

Probably some of the wrecks that have been pushed down by the current. [He grabs Dylan's shoulder carefully, using him as an anchor.]
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I remember those. Where the stars tended to be cold.

[And he continues to use Dylan as a weight, though he has the spines on his back completely flared out in case something gets closer. He doesn't even know he's doing it.]

We might just want to watch out for aggressive cephalopods.
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You try to throw me and I'll poke you. [He threatens, which is more considerable a threat at the moment. But still not one he's likely to follow through with.

But he safely leans over his shoulder. What do you think is down there?
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We haven't even explored the ruins that are- you know, go ahead. I would rather you go down there with back-up. [And he knows Dylan would go adventuring on his own.]
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And that terrible Nickelback song starts up as I'm typing this comment

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Do you mean that?

[He's surprised that he's asking it, and astounded if it's true. If he's actually won back that much of Dylan's confidence.

He may finally be at peace with being a Nietzschean again, but sometimes he's still worried Dylan still has difficulty seeing more that that.]
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[He feels his chest tighten a little, because he believes he can, now. He can save Dylan, he can protect him, whether it's from the universe or himself. There's just that damnable void of "the one" separating them, 300 years they're parted.

Even if technically, he knows Dylan is beside of him the whole time.]

Then we should see what's down there. [His hair drifts as he pulls back a little, very literally getting Dylan's back and providing a spiny defense.]
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[For once he empathized with Riddick. He wasn't quite as deep hunter, but he did have dark-vision, and his eyes flicked a brighter green as he looked around.] Watch your step. Or at least be ready to start swimming. There are places here that drop off like cliffs.
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[After talking to some of the newcomers, Kal is a little less worried about what the oxygen-breathers might be up to. Most of them were friendly! Which only made him all the more worried about what might happen to them.

They have the weirdest habits though, like this person... what's the point of throwing things between two stakes?

There is actually nothing there to hunt, you know that right?
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[Kal laughs a bit, waggling his tail in amusement. These creatures really are weird, aren't they? He will never get tired of watching them.]

Can I try?
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Merman!Superman doesn't have any of his usual powers that would come in hand to actually score, but at least he has a greater understanding of the currents of the water than most human have. When he throws it doesn't get in, but at least he gets close.

"More difficult than it looks, you made it look so easy. My name is Kal-El, by the way."
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Kal simply gives him a nod, touching his forehead with the tip of his fingers as he does so. Mermen were never complicated in their socializing, and the physical contact was also less usual than among humans.

"It's nice to meet you Dylan. You are one of the newcomers, are you not?"
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Kal smiles when he returns the salute, not all the land dwellers were so quick to accept their costumes and habits.

"Redemption. So it does have a name, up until now I have just been calling it 'the newcomer's ship'." If Kal's face darkens ever so slightly at the mention of 'being off again', he does his best to mask it.

"And what is this... sport you were playing called?"
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Kal looks up, pondering. Said 'water polo' seems like a fun game and he would like to play it by the original rules but seeing as how he's unable to breath air staying above water for that long is kind of impossible.

"Well... we can still have to teams, right? I'll be one, you'll be the other one. As long as you don't mind always winning... it is the first time I have played this game."
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"We can do that!" He answers as he catches the ball, swimming away to get some head-start.

"I might swim fast but I'm sure you've got better aim."