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hunt4commonwealth ([personal profile] hunt4commonwealth) wrote2012-07-19 09:12 pm

One: Video

My name is Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth starship Andromeda Ascendant. [After the military-ingrained formality is over with, he smiles.] But since there's no Commonwealth here, and no starship, just call me Dylan.

The introductory information the Admiral gave me was a bit thin. So if any of you can bring me up to speed, I'd appreciate it.

[He's read the network a very little bit and walked around the ship some, so he has a hint of what the Barge is like. But picking out information like that isn't the same as hearing about things directly from other people. Besides, it's an excuse to get to know the personalities of the crew on the starship Redemption Or Bust or whatever the ship is called.]

[ADDED--Private to Rhade, Text.]

I heard you were on board. We should talk.


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