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hunt4commonwealth ([personal profile] hunt4commonwealth) wrote2012-11-08 01:33 pm

Six [Video]

[Dylan is looking particularly captain-y for this post. He doesn’t know who might see this post (it could be the Vedran Empress for all he knows), so it’s by-the-books and formal. Rhade is behind him and to the side. If someone from his own time replies, he can always say that it’s Telemachus Rhade with him. There are only a few people—Beka, Trance, Harper, Rev Bem—whom he might trust enough to try to explain what he’s doing with a dead traitor.

And if Telemachus himself replies…well, he’ll deal with that if it becomes necessary.]

This is Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth starship Andromeda Ascendant. If you can hear this message, please respond.

[OOC: Joint post for Dylan and Rhade.]

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