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hunt4commonwealth ([personal profile] hunt4commonwealth) wrote2012-12-23 10:08 pm

Nine [Private to the Admiral] (Also backdated to before the end of port.)

For Rhade I’d like him to have a Chinese finger trap and some lares statues. I think he’d appreciate the symbolism. Buffy should get some clothes that are easy to fight in and also stylish. Get Cato a mountain bike. And one for me too so we can go riding together in the CES. Give Ben a Go board if Gaheris hasn’t already. If he has, then give Ben some music. A pretty wide selection, since I don’t know what he likes, and he probably doesn’t know what he likes either. Give Robin bubblebaths. Something fun and relaxing but not suggestive. I, uh, wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea. Not that she’s not attractive but Get Wanda an old fashioned High Guard surplus great coat in red and black leather. Rank insignia removed so she can wear it without breaking any High Guard regulations about impersonating an officer.

And for everyone, give them a picture of a loved one. Family, friends, lovers… Someone they miss but whose picture won’t distress them.

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