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Three. [Video]

[Someone spent a lot of that breach making out with sex-changing Loki.]

Okay, that was a lot weirder than I expected. Someone please tell me that it doesn't get weirder than that.

[Private to Cato]

It looks like I'm going to be your warden. Let's meet up. In the gym in one hour. [It's as much command as request, although spoken friendly enough.]

[Spam for Rhade]

[Dylan knocked on Rhade's door once his mind had settled after the breach and he'd reassured himself to his satisfaction that he was not 16 again.]
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I don't see a problem with that. Buffy and I have actually been friends for some time. [He does that thing that people do where they try to glance behind them to see something that they couldn't see even if they tried, but gives up quickly.] I had missed it. [He knows he's being awkward. But admitting that he missed basketball was a start.]
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I can't be blamed if you can't keep your eye on the ball. [He reaches for his shirt and pulls it back on. Before giving Dylan a stern look.] I'll not cheat.

[And then he purses up his lips. Dylan always acts casually about everything and then he feels as though he's climbing a mountain to get to a sentence, even a fairly innocuous one.] After the dinner shift, would you come back here and play Go with me?
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I don't know what you're referring to. [Back to a formal stance again as he turns to face Dylan. But he's actually smiling a little. That rare ghost of a thing that shows up seldomly.

Though he's not sure how he would handle Dylan cheating.]
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You should have seen me as a woman, Dylan. You would have lost every game and I wouldn't have to say a word.

[Yeah, you know what you get for your dog line earlier? This. And you deserve it, too.]
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You were engaged the entire time we knew each other and I knew you and you still would be distracted.

Fine. I'll show you the woman I was in love with. Not a word, because again apparently sleeping with me is- [He trails off. Yes. That sentence was going to go places that would be frowned upon.]

Here. [He picks up his flexi and holds out one of Una's entries with a still frame of her looking incredibly classy.] Her standing in a corner? I would have won every game. Or, apparently if I looked like this. [He flips a few entries holds out a still of his lady self.]
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[That.... is a strange thing to hear.] Good genes. [Dubiously, not because he doubts but... yes, he's pretty sure he made a nice woman and that is a really odd thing to hear come out of Dylan's mouth. He kind of looked like his mother.]

On a subject that is only slightly more unlikely to be discussed, I'd like to talk to you about the X5 transgenic when you come back later, too.