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Three. [Video]

[Someone spent a lot of that breach making out with sex-changing Loki.]

Okay, that was a lot weirder than I expected. Someone please tell me that it doesn't get weirder than that.

[Private to Cato]

It looks like I'm going to be your warden. Let's meet up. In the gym in one hour. [It's as much command as request, although spoken friendly enough.]

[Spam for Rhade]

[Dylan knocked on Rhade's door once his mind had settled after the breach and he'd reassured himself to his satisfaction that he was not 16 again.]
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Re: [Private]

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[Cato looks from point A to point B.] ...You get recognition for this? When the points are collected what happens? I mean is somebody punished?

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Re: [Private]

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[Cato would stick his hands in his pockets.]

...Sweet feeling of victory.

[He braces himself] ...And we're going to be playing?
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[He accepts the ball, bounces it once, and bounces one more time. The third time it bounces off a shoe and rolls a few feet away.]

...It's...a useless weapon.
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...I really don't see the point in victory without trying to prove your innate superiority over someone else.

[Yes, he did just say that.]

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[He just glares at him.] There's no point in proving your own superiority because there will always be someone bigger then you.

Always be someone better then you. And then they'll take you out. So you need to prove yourself worthy of making friends.

that's why you attack. And train. Not just...your own limits your limits are pretty clear.

[locked down. Suppressed by decades of feverent belief. The people of district 2 made a stronghold but they weren't stupid. Founded by fleeing law enforcement officials, lawyers, military men and women who had stayed behind after NORAD was evacuated.

They saw results. They saw survival.]