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Three. [Video]

[Someone spent a lot of that breach making out with sex-changing Loki.]

Okay, that was a lot weirder than I expected. Someone please tell me that it doesn't get weirder than that.

[Private to Cato]

It looks like I'm going to be your warden. Let's meet up. In the gym in one hour. [It's as much command as request, although spoken friendly enough.]

[Spam for Rhade]

[Dylan knocked on Rhade's door once his mind had settled after the breach and he'd reassured himself to his satisfaction that he was not 16 again.]
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I see. I've seen worlds torn apart for reaching out too far into a universe more great and terrible than they could know, to sever yourself instead is likely a much wiser choice.

Slipstream routes, I take it, are the dark paths by which you travel space?