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Three. [Video]

[Someone spent a lot of that breach making out with sex-changing Loki.]

Okay, that was a lot weirder than I expected. Someone please tell me that it doesn't get weirder than that.

[Private to Cato]

It looks like I'm going to be your warden. Let's meet up. In the gym in one hour. [It's as much command as request, although spoken friendly enough.]

[Spam for Rhade]

[Dylan knocked on Rhade's door once his mind had settled after the breach and he'd reassured himself to his satisfaction that he was not 16 again.]
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[Rhade shakes his head.] You've seen me heal fine from worse than this.

[And just a sliver of awkwardness as he looks across the room at some sword, and pointedly tries not to look at Dylan's face and search for something not there.]

I'll be fine. I'd prefer that only you knew. He's extremely embarrassed about it.
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Some can't. Arthas, for one. ...And I had Braxiatel place a psychic block on me, once. So I wouldn't think of something.

[Actually he would have preferred the previous awkwardness to that. That Rhade had his fair share of scars that he didn't want. It makes him want to put the high necked shirt back on.]
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I noticed him when I arrived. [He rolls his shoulders as on stings slightly, brow furrowing in thought.] But then you probably gathered that. [Given his interest in games.]
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I don't see a problem with that. Buffy and I have actually been friends for some time. [He does that thing that people do where they try to glance behind them to see something that they couldn't see even if they tried, but gives up quickly.] I had missed it. [He knows he's being awkward. But admitting that he missed basketball was a start.]
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I can't be blamed if you can't keep your eye on the ball. [He reaches for his shirt and pulls it back on. Before giving Dylan a stern look.] I'll not cheat.

[And then he purses up his lips. Dylan always acts casually about everything and then he feels as though he's climbing a mountain to get to a sentence, even a fairly innocuous one.] After the dinner shift, would you come back here and play Go with me?
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I don't know what you're referring to. [Back to a formal stance again as he turns to face Dylan. But he's actually smiling a little. That rare ghost of a thing that shows up seldomly.

Though he's not sure how he would handle Dylan cheating.]
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You should have seen me as a woman, Dylan. You would have lost every game and I wouldn't have to say a word.

[Yeah, you know what you get for your dog line earlier? This. And you deserve it, too.]
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You were engaged the entire time we knew each other and I knew you and you still would be distracted.

Fine. I'll show you the woman I was in love with. Not a word, because again apparently sleeping with me is- [He trails off. Yes. That sentence was going to go places that would be frowned upon.]

Here. [He picks up his flexi and holds out one of Una's entries with a still frame of her looking incredibly classy.] Her standing in a corner? I would have won every game. Or, apparently if I looked like this. [He flips a few entries holds out a still of his lady self.]
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[That.... is a strange thing to hear.] Good genes. [Dubiously, not because he doubts but... yes, he's pretty sure he made a nice woman and that is a really odd thing to hear come out of Dylan's mouth. He kind of looked like his mother.]

On a subject that is only slightly more unlikely to be discussed, I'd like to talk to you about the X5 transgenic when you come back later, too.